UL listed Dry Chemicals 90% for Fire Extinguishers

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Are you an importer or a manufacturer looking for UL Listed Dry Chemicals for Fire Extinguishers?
Macro's Dry Chemicals (Model: FSHH90) have been tested for safety by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

When a consumer product is said to be UL Listed, it means that UL has received product samples from the manufacturer, has tested the product,and has determined that the product meets relevant safety requirements.

Throughout the UL Listed Products’ lifetime, such products should undergo regular inspections at the manufacturing facility to ensure continued compliance with safety requirements.
  • Dry Chemicals 90% for Fire Extinguishers has been listed by UL.
  • macro pro

Product features:

  • Good fluidity & stable quality

  • low-moisture content

  • Easy refilling into exinguisher

  • High performance of fire extinguishing capacity

  • toxic free to humans

Technical data: 

No. Item Requirement
1 Percent of  ammonium  phosphate % 90.89±2
2 Apparent  density (g/ml) 0.8982  (avarage for reference only)
3 moisture 0.2% max
4 Hygoscopicity 1.5% max
5 sieve test 140 mesh 11.83±4
200 mesh 11.84±4
270 mesh 14.47±6
Base pan 61.865±8
6 Water repellency Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate-up to 2% retention
7 Dielectric strength ≥5Kv


1,000kg jumbo bag;  25kg woven bag; 20kg/drum;  25kg/carton stand on export type pallet

Precautions for use:

The mixing of different types of powders (such as ABC & BC) in to one powder, may cause powder caking & lumping, and the nigentro gas in cylinder will increase pressure to an unsafe level.

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