Custom Portable ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher OEM/ODM Custom Portable ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher OEM/ODM


Custom Portable ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher OEM/ODM

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A highly customizable OEM/ODM white label portable stored pressure dry powder fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher packs Macro’s ABC dry powder comprising ammonium phosphate as the base extinguishing agent. It utilizes nitrogen as the expellant.
Macro offers customizability to cater to the specific requirements and cylinder preferences of a wide range of companies worldwide.


Customers can customize the products according to various specifications and appearances, including the color of the cylinders. The fire extinguisher is also available in different cylinder types including convex foot type, foot ring type, and flat bottom type.

Marco's custom ABC dry powder fire extinguisher is effective when dealing with different types of fires. The product is rated for combating fires in Class A, B, and C. Knowing the different causes of fires in the thre categories is vital. Class A fires deal with solids, Class B is flammable liquid and gases, while Class C is electrical fires.

Features of Our Fire Extinguishers:

  • A High degree of customization including cylinder type, extinguisher specifications, cylinder color, and more.

  • Utilizes a highly efficient and powerful dry chemical fire extinguishing agent

  • Can extinguish fires in Class A, B and C..

  • Smooth and polished surface finish without burr on the metal.

  • Utilizes top-quality components such as head valves with EN approval.

  • Flexible valve actuator or operator

Aside from customization, Macro’s custom portable ABC dry powder fire extinguisher OEM/ODM has several other advantages. The product is light and convenient to use with a fast fire extinguishing speed. It has high spraying intensity and enables safe operation at a long distance. The extinguisher also has good electrical insulation performance.

Macro’s custom dry powder fire extinguisher is an effective fire protection tool widely used in homes, warehouses, factories, petrochemical complexes, stores, shops, and oil depots and refineries. The minimum bulk order quantity for the custom portable ABC dry powder fire extinguisher OEM/ODM is one 20-foot container.