• An Introduction to Fire Extinguishing


    Since the beginning of time, fire has been one of the biggest dangers people face. Fire can cause great damage in terms of life, property, and health, whether the cause of the fire is natural or man-made. It's up to us to be well informed and prepared to effectively face the challenges of fire just Read More

  • Macro Fire Supply to Attend the 20TH CHINA FIRE EXPO


    Macro of Guangdong, China, announces its intention to be an active participant of the bi-annual 20TH CHINA FIRE EXPO from the 10th to the 13th of October. The booth number is No. 158 at Hall E4. The Macro Company, as part of its efforts to improve its products and services, is set to attend the larg Read More

  • Is a fire extinguisher business profitable?


    Fire has played a pivotal role in the civilization and advancement of the human race for centuries. Over time, man had to learn how to control fire and use it effectively. Controlled fire can help you cook food, keep warm, and even provide light. On the flip side, uncontrolled fire can cause untold Read More

  • What Percentage is Dry Chemical Powder?


    What Percentage is Dry Chemical Powder? Dry chemical powder is widely used as an extinguishing agent to put out a wide range of fires. As the fire-suppressing agent in dry fire extinguishers, it coats burning materials with an insulating layer that keeps oxygen in the air from reaching the fuel. The Read More

  • Fire Extinguisher Classes: A Complete Guide


    Fire extinguishers are an important part of fire safety measures. The latter refers to the prevention and minimizing of the impact of fires. It’s an important practice at home, workplaces, or public places. It helps prevent fires from starting, minimize the damage they cause if they start, reduce pr Read More

  • What Are Class A Fire Extinguishers Used for?


    Very few people understand that fire extinguishers are available in multiple types and unique classes, both intended to reveal the distinct types of fires they work on. Nonetheless, considering that property and life may significantly depend on the proper extinguisher usage on the correct fire type, Read More

  • What is a Class B Fire Extinguisher Used For?


    When used by properly trained personnel, fire extinguishers can save us from immense loss of life and property damage if a fire breaks out. Whether a fire is located in a residential or commercial property, the potential fire hazard should never be ignored, and this is why it’s vital to have appropr Read More

  • What is a Class D Fire Extinguisher?


    Fire extinguishers come in different types, with each one of them being designed to handle different types of fires. Each designation of extinguisher corresponds to the kind of fire it’s rated for, ranging from Class A, B, C, and D to Class K extinguishers. What differentiates one class from another Read More

  • What Type of Fire Requires Dry Powder?


    One thing about fire is that it's non-selective. It can occur in any setting. And when it does, it helps if you have countermeasures in place. Understand this; there are different types of fires, and each call for a unique suppression method. Yet there are versatile extinguishing agents such as the Read More

  • Which Extinguisher Is A Class A, B & C Type?


    If you are in the market for a new fire extinguisher, you might have an experience of how tricky choosing one might be since there isn't a universal extinguisher you can use on all fire types. It is crucial to understand the features of various fire extinguishers before you use or install them. The Read More

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