• The Difference Between DCP and ABC Fire Extinguishers


    Fire safety is crucial for any home or office environment because fire poses one of the greatest risks out there to our lives and possessions. The most effective guard against the dangers of fire that we can implement on a personal level is by having effective fire extinguishers. There are various t Read More
  • Materials of ABC Dry Powder


    In the world of fire extinguishers, different types of powder are designed to handle different classes of fires. In order to get the desired effect, each tank of extinguisher has to be properly formulated to exact proportions. One of the most popular and most useful extinguishers on the market today Read More
  • What is an ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher?


    Most portable fire extinguishers’ ratings are meant for use with more than one type of fire. For instance, extinguishers with a BC rating are meant for use with fires started by energized electrical equipment and flammable liquids. You can’t use these fire extinguishers on class A fires, i.e., those Read More
  • A Guide to Purchase ABC Powder Online


    The hot flames are cooled by the ABC powders, thus preventing further burning and taking away oxygen. They are filled with carbon dioxide and are not toxic. It is effective on all your fires either electrical, grease, chemical, or woody. Your delicate electronic equipment like computers and televisi Read More
  • What Does UL Listed Mean on Fire Extinguisher Dry Chemical?


    In the world of fire safety, you'll find the known abbreviation "UL" and there’s a good reason behind it. Manufacturers from over the world rely on Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for their fire extinguishers, their components and fire suppressing agents because of its established reputation and high Read More
  • What are the advantages of ABC powder?


    There are several types of dry chemical extinguishing agents used in various fire incidents. One is monoammonium phosphate, often abbreviated as ABC Dry Chemical. Monoammonium phosphate’s efficiency solely depends on specially fluidized and siliconized monoammonium phosphate powder that it contains Read More
  • How Does Dry Powder Extinguish a Fire?


    It assists in smothering fires to bar any further damage. How Does Dry Powder Function?Fires cause massive destruction. Dry powder consists of components that help put out fires. For a fire to occur, there have to be three components: oxygen, which is present in air, heat, and fuel. Fuel is anyth Read More
  • An Introduction to Fire Extinguishing


    Since the beginning of time, fire has been one of the biggest dangers people face. Fire can cause great damage in terms of life, property, and health, whether the cause of the fire is natural or man-made. It's up to us to be well informed and prepared to effectively face the challenges of fire just Read More
  • Macro Fire Supply to Attend the 20TH CHINA FIRE EXPO


    Macro of Guangdong, China, announces its intention to be an active participant of the bi-annual 20TH CHINA FIRE EXPO from the 10th to the 13th of October. The booth number is No. 158 at Hall E4. The Macro Company, as part of its efforts to improve its products and services, is set to attend the larg Read More
  • Is a fire extinguisher business profitable?


    Fire has played a pivotal role in the civilization and advancement of the human race for centuries. Over time, man had to learn how to control fire and use it effectively. Controlled fire can help you cook food, keep warm, and even provide light. On the flip side, uncontrolled fire can cause untold Read More
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