OEM Class D High Quality Fire Extinguisher Agent Dry Chemical Powder

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Class D dry powder fire extinguishing agent: its main material is sodium chloride. It is mainly used to extinguish lithium metal fires, while sodium chloride dry powder is generally used for extinguishing fires of various forms of active (light) metal burning such as sodium, magnesium, aluminum-magnesium alloy, etc. In the event of such a fire (fire warning), the Class D fire extinguishing agent and D fire extinguisher will be used to effectively extinguish it.

D powder is a dry chemical powder, which is bsed on sodium chlorie. D powder is very effective against metal fires,such as magnesium, sodium  etc. Since these substances are light metals and easily resorb oxygen and moisture in the air, they produce oxidative and combustible hydrogen and alkane gases, resulting in combustion and explosion. As a result, once a fire occurs, it is very difficult for ordinary fire-fighting equipment to put it out. It is especially worth mentioning that once a light metal fire (fire alarm) occurs, it must not be rescued with water, otherwise a larger fire will occur.

Features of D Powder Include:

Suitable for Class D fires such as  magnesium, sodium fire;

Good fluidity & stable quality;

Easy refilling into exinguisher;

High performance of fire extinguishing capacity;

Toxic free to human.

Specification of D Powder:

class d specification