ISO ABC Dry Chemical Powder for Fire Extinguisher

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We understand that the quality of fire protection products is essential. ABC dry chemical powder with higher reliability and quality can help avoid major fire accidents as much as possible and hence can realize their true value. Macro's ABC powder is tested in the internal laboratory before leaving the factory, and support third-party inspection. Features of MACRO fire extinguisher ABC powder include:
Good fluidity & stable quality
low-moisture rate
Easy refilling into exinguisher
High performance of fire extinguishing capacity
toxic free to humans

Macro ABC dry powder is based on ammonium phosphate salt, appropriately added with moisture-proof agent, silicone oil, anti-caking agent, flow enhancer, etc. The fire extinguishing agent is classified according to the percentage of ammonium phosphate content, such as Type 70 containing 70% of the base material. It can be filled in portable dry powder fire extinguishers, trolley-type dry powder fire extinguishers and dry powder fire trucks. It is suitable for extinguishing flammable liquid, gas and live equipment fires and general solid material fires (Class A fires). This fire extinguishing agent is able to put out fire instantly and efficiently. It has good electrical insulation performance and long storage period. It can be used in combination with fluoroprotein foam fire extinguishing agent or water film-forming (light water) foam fire extinguishing agent to extinguish a large area of petroleum product fires. Last but not least, it is harmless to humans and animals.

Widely used in oil fields, oil depots, ships, chemical warehouses, oil refineries, chemical plants, substations, petrochemical enterprises, etc.

Packaging, transportation and storage requirements:

a. The product packaging specifications are: the inner bag is sealed with a plastic bag and wrapped with a 25kg woven bag/25kg carton/20kg plastic barrel. 1,000kg/bag and 1,100kg/bag are optional.

b. The fire extinguishing agent should be sealed and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated room to prevent exposure to the sun, and the temperature should be below 40 °C. During transportation and storage processes, rain, package damage and moisture should be avoided to prevent affecting its storage conditions and fire extinguishing efficiency. The stacking should not be too high to avoid compaction and agglomeration.

c. The product shall not be mixed with chemicals and other types of fire extinguishing agents during transportation and use.

Specification of ABC Powder:

iso abc powder

Check out the test reports of our ABC dry powder: 

certification of goods transportation MSDS-ABC 90% 2022-10