A Guide to Purchase ABC Powder Online

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With the current global warming threat and emphasis to go green, ABC powder has really proven to be the ultimate answer for most. ABC powder works on every type of fire, which makes it very effective in putting out fires.

The hot flames are cooled by the ABC powders, thus preventing further burning and taking away oxygen. They are filled with carbon dioxide and are not toxic. It is effective on all your fires either electrical, grease, chemical, or woody. Your delicate electronic equipment like computers and televisions are safe due to ABC's static qualities.

The ABC powder contains ammonium phosphate and carbon dioxide gas. It still remains to be very helpful in putting out fires even after it was discovered in 1984 by Sir Davy Humphry. The chemist found that upon cooling dust (a type of CO2) he could ignite an explosion through the addition of potassium permanganate.

Buying Online Considerations

There are a number of things you need to consider when you choose to buy ABC Powder online. Here is a guide for you:

1. Ensure you know the name of the product as well as what it contains. You need to ensure the fact that the product contains no chemicals which may harm your health.

2. You have to make sure of the quality and cost of the product before making up your mind for a purchase decision. The price is usually made with quality, quantity, shipping expenses as well as wrapping material.

3. Compare different sellers considering their quality of product description as well as price. There are excellent deals on several sites such as Amazon and eBay to make sure you can browse before purchasing one.

Know the Exact ABC Powder You Need to Purchase

Siliconized mono-ammonium phosphate and monoammonium phosphate are the two commonly used types of ABC powder. They are both highly effective in fighting fires, but their diverse qualities make them more effective under different circumstances.

Siliconized ammonium phosphate is more common among the two kinds of ABC powder. It comprises a powder spread to coat burning materials and is very effective at overwhelming fires. However, it is only perfect with electronics and effective at powerful innate fires.

Different from siliconized monoammonium phosphate, Monoammonium phosphate is rougher and not easily spread. It is more corrosive and good at penetrating powerful fires compared to siliconized mono ammonium phosphate. It leaves surfaces it gets in contact with.

Where to Purchase ABC Powder Online

If you need to buy the ABC powder online, you can get it from Macro. Our customer support and fast shipping are excellent, and they provide various ABC powder products at fair prices.

·         ABC dry suppressing comprises 75 percent ammonium phosphates.

·         China EN615, an ABC dry-suppressing powder, comprises 40 percent ammonium phosphates.

·         ISO ABC dry powder is 25 to 65 percent of ammonium phosphates.

The (NH4)3PO4, a flame-retardant salt, is an integral part of the ABC Dry Powder supplied by Macro Fire Supply. It stores moisture-proof reagents to maintain efficacy, silicone oils that enable improved dispersion, anti-caking agents to prevent lumping during storage, and flowing enhancers for easy discharge. Such special formulation renders the extinguishing agent perfect at handling Class A, B, and C fires. As enhanced flow ensures even distribution of the powder over any surface it contacts with, protection against damage from moisture proves intact.

Regarding the ammonium phosphate percentage in the product, fire suppression agents are typified by type seventy characterized with 70% amount of a basic. It can be used inside trolley style fire trucks. Proven proficient when it comes to dealing with fires from flammable fluids and class-A associated blazes.

ABC powder performs perfectly when it is used as electrical shielding and affords an extensive storing time. In extinguishing large scale gasoline fire issues, ABC powder is used with aqueous film-forming fire-suppressing agents or sometimes fluoro protein foamy fire-suppression agents. Apart from being harmful to human beings, animals also cannot come into contact with this substance.

Take Away

Online shopping has proved to be of great help for the customers. You always get it online when you want to buy electronics, food, shoes or any product. The ABC powder may be the same in different, many sites online. But only some of these sites are the same. If you want to buy the ABC powder you can always get it from Macro which offers the greatest service.