A Guide to Purchase ABC Powder Online

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In a world where we face multiple problems, and to save the environment, some people have started using ABC Powder. This is because it is best for the 3 classes of ordinary fires.

ABC Powder is an extinguishing agent that uses carbon dioxide gas to extinguish fires and is non-toxic. It can be used on any fire, such as electrical, chemical, grease, and paper/woody material burns. It also has anti-static properties that can help to prevent damage to sensitive electronic equipment such as computers and TVs.

ABC Powder is made from CO2 gas and ammonium phosphate salt. This mixture has been around since 1894, when it was first used by a chemist named Sir Humphry Davy (1778-1829). Sir Humphry Davy discovered that if he added potassium permanganate (KMnO4) to coal dust (a form of carbon dioxide), it would become explosive when ignited.

Things to consider while buying ABC Powder online

There are many factors to consider when buying ABC Powder online. Here are some tips for you:

1. First, you need to know the name of the product and its ingredients. The important thing is to make sure the product has no additives or chemicals that harm your health.

2. Secondly, you should look at its price and quality. The price of a product depends on various factors such as quality, quantity, and other associated costs like packaging material or shipping fees, etc., so you must check out these things before making a 

purchase decision.

3. Thirdly, you should compare different sellers based on their product descriptions, prices, and quality before deciding which one to buy. There are many websites where you can find good deals on these products, so try searching them out before making your purchase!

Determine the Type of ABC Powder You Need to Purchase

Two types of ABC powder are commonly used: siliconized mono-ammonium phosphate and monoammonium phosphate. Both of these types of powder are effective at extinguishing fires, but they have different properties that make them more or less effective in different situations.

Siliconized mono ammonium phosphate is the commonest of the two types of ABC powder. It is a fine powder that is easily dispersed and effective at smothering fires. However, it is not as effective at penetrating deep-seated fires but good with electronics.

Monoammonium phosphate is a coarser powder that is not as easily dispersed as siliconized mono ammonium phosphate. However, it is more effective at penetrating deep-seated fires. It is also more corrosive than siliconized mono ammonium phosphate and can cause damage to surfaces with which it comes into contact.

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Where to purchase ABC Powder online

If you're looking for ABC Powder to purchase online, check out Macro Fire Supply. They offer a variety of ABC Powder products at great prices, with fast shipping and excellent customer service.

· ABC Dry suppressing Powder 75% percent ammonium phosphates

· China EN615 ABC Dry suppressing powder with 40% percent ammonium phosphates

· ISO ABC Dry powder with twenty-five to sixty-five percent ammonium phosphates

Depending on ammonium phosphates used, ABC dry powdered from Macro Fire Supply fire suppression agent is properly supplemented by moisture-proof reagent, silicone oils, non-caking agent, flowing enhancer, etc. Depending on the number of ammonium phosphates in the package, fire suppression agents are categorized, with Type 70 comprising 70% of a basic substance.

It may be put into powder form fire vehicles, trolley-style dry-powdered fire extinguishers, or transportable extinguishers for fires. It works well for putting out fires caused by flammable liquids, gases, and live devices, as well as basic Class A fires. These fire suppression substances can quickly and effectively extinguish a fire.

It performs well in electrical shielding and offers a lengthy storage time. It may be employed with aqueous film-forming fire-suppressing agents or fluoro protein foamy fire-suppressing agents to put out large-scale gasoline fires. Again, mention that it is safe for both people and animals.


The resurgence of online shopping has been a huge boon for consumers. Whether you buy food, clothes, electronics, toys, or any other product, you can find it online! ABC Powder is no exception.

There are a lot of different sites online where you can buy this product, but not all of those places are the same. If you are interested in purchasing this product, we encourage you to get it from a reputable seller, Macro Fire Supply, which provides the best service.