What are the advantages of ABC powder?

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There are several types of dry chemical extinguishing agents used in various fire incidents. One is monoammonium phosphate, often abbreviated as ABC Dry Chemical. Monoammonium phosphate’s efficiency solely depends on specially fluidized and siliconized monoammonium phosphate powder that it contains therein. What are the advantages? Read further below:

ABC dry chemical usually blends one part of monoammonium phosphate with two or three parts ammonium sulfates. The former works as an active component while the latter is present in various proportions depending on the local standards worldwide. The mixture between them may vary: 40–60%, 60–40%, or 90–10%. In the United States, a similar combination is utilized by the US Geological Survey – Phos Chek G75F.


Suppresses All Fires

When it comes to extinguishing fires dry chemical powder is commonly used for all types of fires. The reason behind its effectiveness lies in its ability to create a layer of dust that coats the burning material effectively. Moreover this powder disrupts the reaction of fire making it an efficient extinguishing agent. The pressure required for its operation is generated by gas cartridges stored within the cylinder. With this setup it can reach distances of 3–4.5 meters (10–15 ft). Provide force for approximately 45 seconds.

Deals with Common Burning Solids

To combat these fires ABC dry chemical powder is highly effective as it acts as an insulator and has a melting point of, around 180–200 °C (350–400 °F).

Can Be Used on Both Gases and Liquids

To extinguish fires involving liquids and gasses, like gasoline, oil, propane and natural gas the powder disrupts the fires chain reaction by forming a coating on the affected surface. In the system these types of fires are categorized as Class B while in the Australian systems they fall under Classes B and C.

ABC Powder Can Put out Electricity Caused Fires

Electrical fires present a challenge because it's crucial to avoid using equipment that conducts energy back to the user. An effective solution in cases is ABC dry chemical powder, which is both non conductive and safe for extinguishing electrical fires. In the system these fires are classified as Class C while in the system they fall under Class E. It's worth noting that electricity can also contribute to fires, in other classes.

Fits Seamlessly in Chimneys

Firefighters often utilize chimney bombs to extinguish fires in chimneys. These chimney bombs are bags filled with ABC chemical powder that are dropped down the chimney. Upon contact, with the flue bottom and the heat of the fire they. Release the powder. The natural draft of the chimney then carries this chemical powder up coating the creosote and neutralizing the fire. Depending on how severe the fire's multiple chimney bombs may be needed. Alternatively if opened before being dropped down these bombs can still be effective. However it's important to note that unclogging the chimney might be necessary, before using chimney bombs.

Where Should You Buy ABC Powder

If you're searching for a place to purchase ABC powder your search ends here at Guangdong Macro Fire! We are committed to offering quality fire fighting products and their top product is the UL listed Dry Chemicals 90% designed for Fire Extinguishers.

This product is known for its quality and convenient refill ability. It is free from toxins. Has an ability to extinguish fires. Macro can produce up to 2 million fire extinguishers and 20,000 tons of chemicals per year, ensuring that your needs are met quickly and effectively.

Our quality management system is certified under ISO 9001:2015 by SGS, and OEM services meet the required needs of some industries. Besides that, with high-tech facilities here, everything will be, since it’s known that in such a country, quality cannot be compromised. Also, our products are exported to over 20 countries; overseas markets take up 90% of sales.


ABC dry chemical powder is an agent for fire extinguishing that offers versatility for use against various types of fires. The ability to separate the fuel from oxygen in air plus interrupting the chemical reaction of fire makes it an excellent choice for extinguishing fires caused by common combustible materials, burning liquids and gasses as well as electrical equipment.