What Fire Safety Equipment to Choose for a Facility

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This post will shed light on the fire safety equipment you should use and where to get them. Let's begin!


Fire extinguishers

Fires extinguishers are effective for small fires and manageable fire hazards within the facility. When buying a fire extinguisher, remember that they come in various categories on the capabilities they are designed for.

Class A Fire Extinguishers

Class B Fire Extinguishers

Class C Fire Extinguishers

Class K Fire Extinguishers

Fire and Smoke Detectors

Because fires must be detected early, having your facility fitted with a fire alarm system is wise. Besides the visual and audio fire alarm, you may need the following.

Smoke Detectors:  These devices will trigger the alarm when they sense smoke within their installed environment.

Heat Detectors: If your facility temperature exceeds the heat detector threshold, it will trigger the fire alarm.  

Manual Pull Stations: Pull stations may allow your fire response team to activate the fire alarm system in an emergency manually.

Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system is mandatory for comprehensive fire suppression equipment, be it on more extensive facilities or flammable material buildings. Consider the following types of systems:

Wet Pipe Sprinkler System: This system comprises water-filled pipes ready to discharge when activated by heat.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler System:  This System is designed for freezing environments. Its pipes contain air or nitrogen, released when heat triggers the system, allowing water to flow.

Pre-action Sprinkler System: It needs heat detection and manual activations to release water, which helps minimize accidental discharges.

Fire Suppression Systems

Besides the sprinkler systems, specific areas within your facility may need specialized fire suppression systems, as seen below.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems: Some commercial hoods are explicitly made to quickly extinguish fires that may occur in cooking appliances or grease ducts.

Industrial Suppression Systems: these systems are predesigned for specific hazards, such as chemical or flammable liquid storage areas.

Clean Agent Systems: From the data centers and server rooms to sensitive equipment areas, you may need the gas-based clean agent system to suppress fires without damaging your equipment.

Emergency Lighting

If you have ever been caught up in a fire, you may have realized there is limited visibility. But with emergency lights in place, safe evacuation can be guaranteed.

Sometimes fire outbreak won't allow you to move your safes or contain the fire in one place. That's why you are advised to invest in the following.

Fire Doors and Fireproof Cabinets

These tools help you contain fires in one place. And they come in handy when quick evac is needed or when the fire response team cannot suppress the fires in time. The cabinets mainly store flammable materials and chemicals to reduce risk.

Fireproof Safes

These safes have an additional protection layer that protects your valuables from catching fire. They are designed to tolerate extreme temperatures without damaging them.

Fire blanket: Whenever your facility occupants are on fire, the fire-resistant blanket may smother the flames by wrapping it around them. You may need it for your kitchen.

Besides the fire safety equipment above, you need to develop an evac plan. Make the exit signs visible, have emergency escape routes, and train your occupants on evacuation drills.

You must also train your fire response teams to respond to different types of fires and how to use the equipment involved. Additionally, regular tests, maintenance, and Inspection must not be overlooked. Doing so will ensure your fire suppression systems remain in working order.


Ensure you are sourcing your fire suppression equipment from a reputable manufacturer whose products comply with regulations. In this case, you should check out Guangdong Macro Fire Technology Co., Ltd. We have SGS according to ISO9001:2015 certification and are currently trusted by more than 20 countries.